Chef Paloma Cuellar

  • Paloma Cuellar

    Paloma Cuellar

    Executive Chef

  • Chef Paloma Cuellar developed her culinary skills at a young age cooking side-by-side with her mamá for family gatherings. A native of Veracruz, Mexico, she blends her hometown flavors with cosmopolitan flair as the Executive Chef of Morton Group’s newest restaurant, La Comida.

    As Executive Chef, Cuellar executes La Comida’s menu with a zealous approach to uniting traditional Mexican dishes with the eclectic energy of Mexico City. As a frequent traveler and Mexican flavor aficionado, she prepares plates which represent several regions across the country from Yucatán to Baja California. La Comida’s selections include Pollo Al Horno, made with mixiote chicken, Nopales, Mexican squash, onions and baked in a savory achiote sauce; Pescado a la Plancha, a flavorful blend of sea bass, Serrano chiles and oven-roasted tomato; and Puerco Ahumado, combining mesquite smoked pork shoulder, adovada sauce and plantain chips, are created with traditional preparation methods, a practice in which she takes pride.

    Prior to opening La Comida, Cuellar worked in top-notch restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip including La Cave and The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas, where she prepared upscale dishes and tailored her craft. She combines her experience preparing upscale fare with the food of her native Mexico to execute La Comida’s menu of authentic cuisine inspired by international flavors.

    Cuellar received a Bachelor of Arts degree in international marketing in Puebla, Mexico in 2007. She then moved to Las Vegas to attend Le Cordon Bleu and graduated with an associate’s degree in culinary arts.

    When she is not cooking up savory fare at La Comida, Cuellar enjoys watching movies at home, riding her motorcycle, playing softball and dining with friends to explore and experience diverse food cultures.